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Balinese paintings – beyond skin deep

How does one go about loving? Apparently, in the case of Balinese art, with deep thinking and knowledge. According to financial analyst and Balinese art collector Lin Che Wei, the path to making Balinese art a stable and lucrative creative industry is still a long and challenging one. The art form has yet to enter the investment grade category.

The average Balinese artist starts painting at the age of 25, is able to produce 260 paintings during his or her lifetime and has a life expectancy of 73. However, most artists only manage one exhibition by the time they are 45, thus excluding 130 works from exhibitions, he said. Continue reading →

Volkswagen “Lost in Paradise”

As many as 400 Volkswagen (VW) owners from all over Indonesia will drive their beloved cars onto the resort island to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the local car club, Bali Volkswagen Division (BVD).

The celebration starts on Friday and the general public will have the opportunity to see various models from the German car producer stream into the gathering site at Matahari Terbit beach in Sanur. Titled “Volkswagen Lost in Paradise”, the gathering will also see foreign participants from France and Poland. Continue reading →

Who should rent a car in Bali?

Basically anyone traveling to Bali should make arrangements for Bali rent cars either before or upon arrival. Bali, of course, is no big city. Bali is the key destination for enjoying all the beauty and splendor of exotic Indonesia. Continue reading →

Seminyak For Bali Tourism

In my opinion, one of the best areas to stay in Bali for tourism is Seminyak. If you stay in one of the Seminyak rentals, you will be close to many tourist attractions. Continue reading →

Bidadari Jimbaran

Located on the southernmost tip of the island of Bali, high on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, lies a unique jewel – Villa Bidadari – or the “Villa of Angels” – owned by three angels.

Three one-bedroom, ensuite villas, self-contained with study or extra bedroom, dip pool, AC, internet, satellite TV and DVD library. A larger pavilion with common areas and infinity swimming pool, ideal for family get-togethers, reunions, parties, retreats, and weddings. Continue reading →

Suarti Villas Bali – On Promo Rates

Experience sunrise serenity and soothing sea breeze at the stunning oceanfront landscape of the Suarti Gallery Villa. Lies gracefully by Ketewel beach of Gianyar, Bali — also known as the birthplace of the island’s famous traditional Dance Legong Keraton — it is nicely accessible: thirty minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, fifteen minutes from Ubud, and five minutes from Bali Safari Marine Park and Sanur beach. Continue reading →

Where To Rent A Car In Bali

Where can you find a Bali rent cars place? In Bali, you won’t find all the familiar car rental company names that you would find in, say, the United States. However, don’t feel put off by this. You will find that the car rental business in Bali is very professionally done. You may even discover that the price of car rental in Bali includes more than you would get in the States. As for the types of cars available, you won’t find a Mercedes, but you’ll find just the right kind of car you need to drive around Bali, whether you’re single, a couple, or a family.

Getting Away From It All In Beautiful Bali

My husband and I kid each that, with two careers and a family, we have it all.  But sometimes our busy lives can be overwhelming.
So we have learned to schedule “do nothing” time.  Often that means booking a suite at Bali vacation rentals and flying off to spend a week lounging by the pool and enjoying food prepared by an in-house chef. Continue reading →

Villa Sunset Golf designed by Greg Norman and offer you

Villa Sunset Golf is one of many Bali golf villas with an amazing view of the Indian Ocean and a very large golf course where you can spend your holiday in style. The golf courses were designed by Greg Norman and offer you what you might need from a high class golf course. This location is only about 45 minutes from the airport, and also not too far away from the shopping center in the area of Seminyak. These Bali golf villas has three bedrooms complete with air conditioner, and there are also en-suite bathrooms, large living and dining areas, and modern facilities for your comfort. Continue reading →

Villa Karna is one of many which is situated in the most sought after area in Bali

Villa Karna is one of many Bali budget villas which is situated in the most sought after area in Bali, the Seminyak Oberoi. Just around the corner, you can find about 20 popular restaurants such as La Trattoria, Rumours, Soho, and Mykonos, in addition to galleries, spas and shops. The beach situated only in 10 minutes walking distance. In the villa, there is a private security controlled access road. Continue reading →

Villa Sungai Tinggi is a Bali Private Villa for holiday rentals

Villa Sungai Tinggi is one of many Bali private villas which located on a tranquil stretch of dramatic seaside towns, with the direct beach access. This villa has an ultimate sunset view which overlooks the Jimbaran Bukit Peninsula throughout the south coast of Java to the west and the misty peaks of Mount Agung to the north. Villa Sungai Tinggi is completely isolated from the busy tourist areas and is still easy 35 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport and just 15 minutes away from many popular restaurants and shops of Seminyak. Continue reading →

Special offer on Villa Casis, Sanur Bali

Villa Casis is a luxurious modern Villa located in the heart of Sanur. The Villa Casis is one of Sanur’s landmark properties. this award winning villa nestling just 200 meters from Sanur beach. It offers a tranquil retreat set amongst the lush and tropical streets of this peaceful Balinese beachside gem. Post by Dian for bali vacation villas Continue reading →

The most worth living retreats

Most people would say that the most worth living retreats in the world are Bali Seminyak villas. With all the fineness both in architectures and interiors, the elegance of Bali villas is equal with the tranquil ambiance that belongs to those retreats. Thinking of holiday at Bali villas is synonymous with the endless opportunity to get pleased. When you make decision to stay at Bali Seminyak villas, then all of your dreams will come true surprisingly just like you’ve wished to be. Bali is still hard to rival especially in terms of Bali villas for the finest accommodations. In every area on the island, Bali villas remain worth choosing and staying, anyone says so.

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An All New Experience in Bali Villas

Are you a seasoned traveler who is growing tired of going to the same vacation spots you’ve visited for the past several years already? Then I suggest you a have a taste of the orients and go to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. The place has a line of white sand beaches that the sun kisses all day long. Continue reading →

Experience the best vacation in Bali Holidays

Anything you might desire in life can be found at Bali vacation villas, places for ultimate art of tropical living. Complemented with unsurpassed luxury, all villas in Bali are befitting the Balinese legendary charms and appeals. Whatever you need to experience the best vacation, Bali vacation villas are really tasteful and simply unbreakable. As eco-friendly establishments, Bali vacation villas are where the highest international quality is catered and given enthusiastically. Many travelers of today have defined Bali villas as small wonders, and that’s something to be true. In every area on the island, Bali villas remain worth choosing and staying, anyone says so.

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Bali Villa for Amazing Vacation

Bali villa has been long known as the supreme stress-relievers and great escapes for most of the international travelers. Sensational both in style and design, these rental luxury villas blend the contemporary Balinese tropical living with modern touches, making them perfect retreats for fully enjoying the vacation. Continue reading →

A vacation in Bali

In order for you to experience the comfort of living, try to experience a vacation at Bali. It is a best place where you can find peace and it is really that quiet enough for you to unwine. The vacation at Bali is a great vacation that you can consider since the place is really considered as a paradise. Continue reading →

Fun and Relaxing Vacation in Seminyak Bali

Spending time for vacation is an advantage that you can give for your family or loved ones. Many people are getting this busy schedules and they can’t spend more time for relaxation. All they are doing is work and they don’t even get special time for themselves. During vacation, it is best to spend this chance to gather your family and threat them into unforgettable vacation. Seminyak is the best place for you to visit and you can stay at Villa Seminyak Bali. The Villas on Seminyak are best to stay at during this time. The accommodation is great and you can definitely enjoy your stay with them. The best spots on the island are available for you to sight and you can even take pictures as your collection. Vacation is time for your loved ones so don’t hesitate to give them this time even once a year. You will surely miss the relaxing freshness of Seminyak and the Villas.

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There is No Substitute for Seminyak Bali Villa

No holiday without Bali, no fun without family or friends. Staying at Seminyak Bali villa makes your life even more enjoyable. Seminyak invites you to immerse yourself in a memorable stay at private villas in the area that will somehow please your appetite, please your passion for shopping, please your interest in Bali’s best sightseeing, and please your budget as well. Seminyak offers both extraordinarily inexpensive accommodations and super lavish private villas in which guests’ would pay “all-in-one” charge for all the facilities, amenities, services, maintenance, and many more. Imagine to book one villa in Seminyak for your birthday, anniversary, New Year, wedding, and other functions, it’s gonna be gorgeous, I bet. Continue reading →

Ubud Bali Villas, Exhibiting Bali Nature at Its Best

Have you imagined staying in an impeccable place, full with traditional Balinese village ambiances and it’s constructed from natural materials and adorned by the Balinese furniture and local fabrics? I can say Ubud is the right place to make that imagination true to life. Continue reading →