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Bidadari Jimbaran

Located on the southernmost tip of the island of Bali, high on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, lies a unique jewel – Villa Bidadari – or the “Villa of Angels” – owned by three angels. Three one-bedroom, ensuite villas, self-contained with study or extra bedroom, dip pool, AC, internet, satellite TV and DVD library. [...]

Getting Away From It All In Beautiful Bali

My husband and I kid each that, with two careers and a family, we have it all.  But sometimes our busy lives can be overwhelming. So we have learned to schedule “do nothing” time.  Often that means booking a suite at Bali vacation rentals and flying off to spend a week lounging by the pool [...]

Villa Karna is one of many which is situated in the most sought after area in Bali

Villa Karna is one of many Bali budget villas which is situated in the most sought after area in Bali, the Seminyak Oberoi. Just around the corner, you can find about 20 popular restaurants such as La Trattoria, Rumours, Soho, and Mykonos, in addition to galleries, spas and shops. The beach situated only in 10 [...]

Special offer on Villa Casis, Sanur Bali

Villa Casis is a luxurious modern Villa located in the heart of Sanur. The Villa Casis is one of Sanur’s landmark properties. this award winning villa nestling just 200 meters from Sanur beach. It offers a tranquil retreat set amongst the lush and tropical streets of this peaceful Balinese beachside gem. Post by Dian for [...]

The most worth living retreats

Most people would say that the most worth living retreats in the world are Bali Seminyak villas. With all the fineness both in architectures and interiors, the elegance of Bali villas is equal with the tranquil ambiance that belongs to those retreats. Thinking of holiday at Bali villas is synonymous with the endless opportunity to [...]

There is No Substitute for Seminyak Bali Villa

No holiday without Bali, no fun without family or friends. Staying at Seminyak Bali villa makes your life even more enjoyable. Seminyak invites you to immerse yourself in a memorable stay at private villas in the area that will somehow please your appetite, please your passion for shopping, please your interest in Bali’s best sightseeing, [...]

The Immortal Beauty of Sanur Bali

One thing that is special from Sanur is their immortal beauty. We cannot deny that the beauty of Sanur is immortal since time and condition cannot make it become old. Sanur never lose its youth since whenever we come here, only beautiful thing that is found by us. No matter the time has gone by, [...]

Enjoy Every Moment at Villa in Bali

It is now definitely getting harder to define which one is the most exotic villa in Bali where you can celebrate your vacation. Many travelers may not be too excited if offered accommodation in Kuta or Seminyak area as these sophisticated districts has turned to be the crowded places where the quietness is hardly found. [...]

Rent Some Bali Private Villas

If you are in need of a vacation or if you are looking for that perfect honeymoon spot take my advice and go to Bali. It is so beautiful there and you can even rent your own private Bali private villas on the beach. My husband and I went there for our five year anniversary [...]

Ultimate serenity and privacy

Anyone will feel superb when finding such appealing places like cheap villas in Bali, exceeding all the hopes and wishes that have ever been made. The appeals of cheap Bali villas have been combined with the ultimate serenity and privacy, creating never ending chances to get pleased. Whatever you need to experience the best vacation, [...]

The most impeccable havens in the island of gods

To attain the ultimate luxury accommodations and unsurpassed level of personalized services, budget villas in Bali are the only places to go. Often described as the most impeccable havens in the island of gods, budget villas in Bali enjoy the perfect island’s breezes and landscape. As always, budget villas in Bali spoil you with anything [...]

How to get the complete Bali vacation experience

Countless tourists and vacationers around the world have beheld the magnificent splendor of nature in the island of Bali in the western part of Indonesia. This stunning tropical paradise offer the guests from around the globe the distinctive smiles and charming hospitality of its residents, the ancient wonders and marvels of its centuries old culture, [...]

Seminyak, For You to Get to Know Closer

Seminyak is not just base for private villas but also for hotels which have been developing since long. Most of the hotels in Seminyak are grouped into luxury hotels, or boutique hotels to cater the sophisticated travelers from many countries. Seminyak is always good choice for modern’s people, especially for Asian countries who like modernity [...]

The perfect place for your honeymoon to take place

It all sets the mood and everything else would flow naturally, simply going to Bali Indonesia would be the best thing that you would have to experience yourselves when you go there, especially when you are thinking of a nice place where you would have your honeymoon, Bali is simply the place that you should [...]

Bali, an exotic island of Indonesia

When you are looking for a place where you can take your vacation, try to visit Bali. Bali is an island that you can see in Indonesia. Yes, it is an Indonesian island located at the western most of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The place is so called paradise. Not only because of the finest [...]

Bali Holiday Villas

A destination wedding is just so cool and you have been waiting to plan your wedding for your whole life. the location is going to be Bali and you definitely want to book Bali villas for everyone who is attending the big day. With a guest list of only 20 people you will only need [...]

My stay at Bali villas

I am fond of travelling and I know for a fact that Balinese hotels particularly Bali villas offer not just better, memorable, but more genuine taste of Bali to its guests. During my travels around Asia, I tried out so many hotels to be able to compare them in terms of facilities, accommodation, privacy and [...]

A slice of heaven on earth

Bali is all about enduring charms and sights that money alone cannot buy. As a slice of heaven on earth, Bali is where to go whenever you need an uninterrupted relaxation during holiday. To ensure your ultimate comfort, anyone is strongly recommended to choose accommodation that is more than willing to pamper its guests with [...]

Take yourself to paradise in Bali Indonesia

You wouldn’t be exactly lonely when you get to travel at some part of the world, I mean there are just so many friendly people that’ll await you once you’ve set foot on your destination, it’s just a matter of smiles and a matter of friendly conversation with someone and instantly a friendship is developed [...]

The amazing place of Bali

If you want to take this journey to the amazing place of Bali, you need to make sure that you are ready on the trip. There are many things that you can do when you are in a vacation and having the time for your family is just that great. The best place of Bali [...]