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Volkswagen “Lost in Paradise”

As many as 400 Volkswagen (VW) owners from all over Indonesia will drive their beloved cars onto the resort island to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the local car club, Bali Volkswagen Division (BVD). The celebration starts on Friday and the general public will have the opportunity to see various models from the German car [...]

Who should rent a car in Bali?

Basically anyone traveling to Bali should make arrangements for Bali rent cars either before or upon arrival. Bali, of course, is no big city. Bali is the key destination for enjoying all the beauty and splendor of exotic Indonesia.

Where To Rent A Car In Bali

Where can you find a Bali rent cars place? In Bali, you won’t find all the familiar car rental company names that you would find in, say, the United States. However, don’t feel put off by this. You will find that the car rental business in Bali is very professionally done. You may even discover [...]

Bali, a Heaven for Adventure and Water Sports

Every holiday deserves a truly fascinating destination, whether in terms of accommodation, adventure, sports, recreation, relaxation, retreat, or romantic celebration. For some people, Bali is a heaven for adventure, Bali tours and water sports. If you see at a glance to the beaches in Bali, you will easily behold that the opportunity to do the [...]